9 Quick Photoshop Tips for Beginners

1. Edit multiple text layers collectively

You do not necessarily have to edit each text layer separately if you should be making the very same changes to all of them. For example, hold down Ctrl or Cmd whenever choosing the written text layers from the Layers window to snag multiple ones, and make your changes via the tool bar.


2. View One-layer by Itself

Listed here is just another shortcut that can save you a great deal of time: If you need to see one layer by itself, there isn’t any need to uncheck all the other eye icons. Instead, hold down Alt and click the eye icon on the layer you do want to see (then click it again to go back).

3. Make use of paste in place

When you paste in a new layer, it goes in the center of the current image or selection automatically, but you can avoid this by using the Shift button as well as Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on a Mac). This keeps the selection’s original position and it works between pictures.

4. Quickly straighten a picture

Use the Ruler Tool (hidden behind the Eyedropper Tool) and then drag out a line across the horizon or another reference point that should be horizontally or vertically straight. Then pick Image, Image Rotation and Arbitrary, and Photoshop picks exactly the required value.

5. Dehaze landscape photos edit

Here is a very useful new feature added in the most recent Photoshop update. Choose Filter then Camera Raw Filter, open up the Effects panel and there’s now a Dehaze slider that reduces the haze effect you get when shooting sweeping landscape shots.

6. Insert dummy text

Lots of people use Photoshop to mock up layouts for websites and the printed page, and if you need to fill in an area with some dummy text then you don’t need to tire out your fingers typing it–just choose Paste Lorem Ipsum from the Type menu instead.

7. Use any picture as a brush

Open the Edit menu, then pick Define Brush Preset to use the current image (or pick) as a brush. White areas in the source image count as translucent and black areas are where the virtual ink will hit the virtual canvas, so tweak the picture accordingly.

8. Cycle between fonts

Photoshop does not always have the most user-friendly text editing interface, but this quick tip can make life easier: with some text selected inside a layer, click on the font selection drop down list on the tool bar.

9. Rotate the view, maybe not the image

You might want to make use of a different angle for retouching, however, you don’t have to rotate the image it self: press R (or even click-and-hold on the Hand Tool icon) to find the Rotate View Tool, which then lets you spin the picture across on screen without rotating the true image.

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Use free online image editing tools that make your life easier

Use free online image editing tools that make your life easier! “Online” means you won’t have any extra tools to download apart from your browser. All of those tools can also be free and All them are very easy to use

Some times you will need merely tweaking a picture a little, resize it or change a few features. Ordinarily, you’ll not like opening Photoshop for tinkering such minor issues. You will need some lightweight, fast and one that allows you customizing your images and photos on the go. The good news is that today you can find tons of online image editing software and graphics editing tools that require you just opening your browser and uploading your pic.


Whether you’re looking for a full photoshop online alternative that gives you total manual control over every aspect of your images, or a simple Instagram-style editor that offers a selection of one-click filters, there a free editor that fits the bill.

The sheer number of free photo editors available to download can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up the very best options to help you pick the one that’s right for you.

On the web editing photo tools, easy to use and all purpose online tools, services and applications that will help you tweaking images and photos for your web site without any attempts.

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Top 3 best free online editing photo tools

Are you considering getting a Photoshop alternative for editing images professionally? Free online photoshop Alternative will is your favorite. By combining the strengths of these online Photoshop alternatives, you can get amazing results without paying a cent. You can the possibility of using them anywhere.

You can the ease of getting pictures from online sources and sharing your finished projects on the web also makes online alternatives to Photoshop a great solution to photo editing. Impressively, most of these online tools have easy-to-use interface that will greatly reduce your learning curve.

Online photo editor

The article below introduces you to three best free online editing photo tools:

This web editor is absolutely the strongest free Photoshop alternative you will discover. Pixlr is simple to use and it has most of the heavy-hitting editing tools that you can usually only find in paid programs, like cloning and color replacement. It’s the nearest thing to free Photoshop you will find on the web.

photoshop alternatives

This is an Adobe Photoshop web app that brings a basic Photoshop experience to the web. It works on both computers and compatible smartphone. You may share, save, and edit pictures in the web browser. While it’s not exactly like Photoshop, they offer many good features. A few of the features available are crop, resize, red eye, exposure, saturation, sharpen and soft focus. It is also possible to decorate your images with bubbles, texts and frames.They provide private and public sharing capabilities plus 2GB free storage online, and users can upgrade to a premium account for greater capacities and the use of templates.

Fotoflexer has a simple interface that lets you edit photos from Photobucket, Flickr and other sources that are online. It supports composite and lots of images, though not with the conventional layers color.

Web online photo editorhttp://photoshopalternative.com

Free online Alternatives to Photoshop

Photoshop is tool photos edit but it costs money. Now, you are plenty of completely online photo editor Alternatives to Photoshop. The only thing you need to do is the computer running Adobe Flash Player. So it won’t work in mobile web browsers, but it’s a solid choice for desktop-bound photographers.

Photoshop Online

The Photoshop Alternatives uses the most basic features of Photoshop. The app lets you crop, rotate and resize pictures, adjust the usual variables like brightness and contrast, and remove red-eye. There’s also a useful Touchup tool that lets you correct minor blemishes in your pictures.

Upload a photo and you’ll be presented with a tabbed interface. The Basic tab contains everything you need for quick jobs like resizing, cropping, rotating, flipping, and adjusting contrast, brightness, hue and saturation. There’s also a one-click optimization tool to give washed out pictures a quick boost, and a red-eye corrector. Stickers, and simple drawing tools.

Beautify includes smoothing and sharpening tools, a healing brush and a wrinkle remover, and the distortion tab contains a set of simple liquify tools. Those might prove handy, but the really interesting stuff is tucked away under the last tab.

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Initial use Photoshop Online Alternative

Blur Tool and Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop Online Alternative

5 Photoshop Tricks for Beginners

The Photoshop Online Alternative requires Adobe Flash Player

Alternative is online photoshop free editor

Initial use Photoshop Online Alternative

Photoshop Alternative is used application for editing images. Get started with it is understanding its interface and its tools panel. This post you a comprehensive guide of how to use each and every single tool in the tools panel. You will get hands on experience on how to use each tool and its various options. It is suitable for any photoshop online user who needs to improve in the knowledge of the tools panel, and those who are curious to know the extra features a tool has apart from its default.


Launch Photoshop Alternative
Photoshop Alternative requires Adobe Flash Player, you’ll need to quickly download and install the free Adobe Flash Player.

Open a new images
Command+ click (Windows:Ctrl+click) here to open a sample picture in a new tab. You can use to follow along with this tutorial. Drag the photo to the desktop, then open up that image in Photoshop.

The Marquee tool
The Marquee tool is the most basic of all tools. It’s something you’re already familiar with: virtually every application and operating system selects things the same way: click and drag to select a region of the screen. screen. Photoshop is no different. Clicking and holding on the Marquee icon will give you a small popup menu where you can select the variations. Then place your cursor somewhere in the upper left of the image, then click and drag the mouse. From here, you can copy the selection, move it, apply filters to it pretty much anything you can do in Photoshop starts with a selection.

The Lasso Tool
With the Lasso tool, you can make a freeform selections. Click and hold the mouse button, then draw a selection around the small white sailboat that’s left of center in the window. When you get to the bottom, release the mouse button the selection will auto complete. Notice as you move your mouse, the starting point remains pinned, and a dashed line extends towards the cursor. Click again, and that next point becomes pinned. You can continue clicking until your selection is complete: as simple as a triangle, or as complex as you like. When you reach your last click point, double click instead of single click, and the polygon will automatically close.

Web: http://photoshopalternative.com

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Blur Tool and Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop Online Alternative

5 Photoshop Tricks for Beginners

The Photoshop Online Alternative requires Adobe Flash Player

Alternative is online photoshop free editor

Guide use online photo editor


Blur Tool and Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop Online Alternative

Blur Tool

Sometimes all you need from photoshop online Alternative is to do away with some fine lines. That’s where the Blur tool comes in. This simple tool works wonders to remove small wrinkles by blurring them in just a bit. Use the Blur tool to smooth-out small imperfections like the wrinkles around the eye or mouth area and simply blur them into the background. Again, be gentle and remember not to overdo it or instead of improving your image or you can end up spoiling it.

Blurring can also be used for artistic effect — say, to add a little motion to a soccer ball frozen in time by a too-fast shutter speed. You can also blur portions of your image to emphasize and focus on a particular element.


Spot Healing Brush

This tool was created to remove life’s little imperfections. The spot header brush is that magic tool that we wish was around in our awkward teenage years to make pimples disappear from every picture. Just place the brush over the area you want to “fix” your image editor, make sure the brush is a bit bigger than the blemish and click. Photoshop  automatically samples from around the retouched area to color match your image to perfection.

Dodge Tool

The Dodge Tool lightens pixels wherever you use it. So in other words, it’s the perfect Photoshop tool to do away with “tired eyes”. Set the Dodge Tool to a soft brush, go to Range setting in the menu bar’s pull-down and choose highlights, set Exposure on around 20%. Then carefully brush over the eye area. Remember not to overdo it, or your model will start to look like an alien. A few simple strokes should do the job.

Web: http://photoshopalternative.com


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5 Photoshop Tricks for Beginners

The Photoshop Online Alternative requires Adobe Flash Player

Alternative is online photoshop free editor

Guide use online photo editor

Photoshop Online Tools


5 Photoshop Tricks for Beginners

Photoshop is a vast program, packed with all kinds of sophisticated tools and functions to keep the professional photography world turning.

From a blemish removal to adding some impressive design elements, anyone can learn the basics of photos edit. There are some quick and easy tips you can take advantage of to improve your Photoshop experience. Here are some of favorite simple tips and tricks for Photoshop beginner.

  1. Change the size of an image, rotate, flip or distort

photoshop for biginners

Click Edit > then click Transform > and select the action you desire.
Or try these shortcuts to make life even easier:  Press Ctrl + T on your keyboard and a bounding box will then appear around the image, indicating transformation. This means you can now resize your image. The best way to do so is by placing the cursor on one of the rectangle corners of the box and then dragging the corner while holding the Shift key. When you’re finished just press Enter and you’re done.
To flip your image vertically or horizontally press Ctrl + T and then right click your mouse. A popup window will appear with a few options for rotating and flipping the image. Select the action you want and when you are done press Enter.
To distort or skew an image press Ctrl + T and then place the cursor on whichever corner you want to distort. Press Ctrl while holding your mouse down on whichever corner of the image you’re looking to morph and drag it down to your desired point, finally press Enter to activate.

2. Change the Unit of Measurement

photoshop for biginners 2

A short and quick way to switch between units of measurements that you’re working with is to place your cursor on one of the rulers on your grid (press Ctrl + R to show or hide the rulers), and right click, then choose a new unit from the context menu. There you’ll find a wide variety of units, from centimeters to pixels, millimeters, points and even percents.

3. Use Magnetic Lasso Tool

photoshop for biginners 3

This easy selection tool helps you trace and outline the exact part of an image that you’re looking to edit, and then separate it from the rest of your image in order to perform certain actions.
You can select and separate a product from its background. Nearly fool-proof, the magnetic lasso tool detects the edges of an object, so it works best when you have a bold contrast between an object and its background with well-defined edges.
To use the Magnetic Lasso, click and hold your mouse button down on the Lasso tool until a fly-out menu appears . The Magnetic Lasso is the last one with a small magnet on its icon. Select it and then go to photos editor and place your mouse on the edge of the part you want to alter. Click your mouse once, release and just go over the edges of the object you want to select.

4. Magic Wand Tool

photoshop for biginners 4

The Magic Wand is another selection tool, ideal for when you are working with a background that is more monotone and consistent (like a solid color or clear blue sky).
The Magic Wand tool is most often used to switch up backgrounds or large color blocks. To use it, choose the Magic Wand tool from the tools panel and click on the part of the image you want to select. Make sure that you toggled the “add to selection” option on the top bar (icon of two squares) so that you can move forward with switching up the colors and tones of your selection.

5. Custom Shape Tool

You can also easily add shapes and design elements to your Photoshop creations. The Tool Panel has all of the basic shapes you need like square, line, circle, ellipse etc in addition to a whole slew of extended options. The Custom Shape tool is easy to find in the Options Bar, represented by an icon that kind of looks like a puzzle piece.
Access even more shapes by clicking again on the small arrow on the right side of the panel. If you are looking for banners, speech bubbles or arrows of all kinds, this is just the tool for you.

6. Adjustment Layers

photoshop for biginners 6.gif

A truly stunning image generally has more to it than meets the eye. That’s what makes the Adjustment Layers tool so important. The Adjustment Layers tool lets you adjust the color and hue of your image by adding a top layer to it.

The best part about this feature is by adding that extra layer, you can totally reverse your changes while keeping the rest of your image intact. You will find Adjustment Layers in the bottom of the the Layers Panel (a black and white circle icon).

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