9 Quick Photoshop Tips for Beginners

1. Edit multiple text layers collectively

You do not necessarily have to edit each text layer separately if you should be making the very same changes to all of them. For example, hold down Ctrl or Cmd whenever choosing the written text layers from the Layers window to snag multiple ones, and make your changes via the tool bar.


2. View One-layer by Itself

Listed here is just another shortcut that can save you a great deal of time: If you need to see one layer by itself, there isn’t any need to uncheck all the other eye icons. Instead, hold down Alt and click the eye icon on the layer you do want to see (then click it again to go back).

3. Make use of paste in place

When you paste in a new layer, it goes in the center of the current image or selection automatically, but you can avoid this by using the Shift button as well as Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on a Mac). This keeps the selection’s original position and it works between pictures.

4. Quickly straighten a picture

Use the Ruler Tool (hidden behind the Eyedropper Tool) and then drag out a line across the horizon or another reference point that should be horizontally or vertically straight. Then pick Image, Image Rotation and Arbitrary, and Photoshop picks exactly the required value.

5. Dehaze landscape photos edit

Here is a very useful new feature added in the most recent Photoshop update. Choose Filter then Camera Raw Filter, open up the Effects panel and there’s now a Dehaze slider that reduces the haze effect you get when shooting sweeping landscape shots.

6. Insert dummy text

Lots of people use Photoshop to mock up layouts for websites and the printed page, and if you need to fill in an area with some dummy text then you don’t need to tire out your fingers typing it–just choose Paste Lorem Ipsum from the Type menu instead.

7. Use any picture as a brush

Open the Edit menu, then pick Define Brush Preset to use the current image (or pick) as a brush. White areas in the source image count as translucent and black areas are where the virtual ink will hit the virtual canvas, so tweak the picture accordingly.

8. Cycle between fonts

Photoshop does not always have the most user-friendly text editing interface, but this quick tip can make life easier: with some text selected inside a layer, click on the font selection drop down list on the tool bar.

9. Rotate the view, maybe not the image

You might want to make use of a different angle for retouching, however, you don’t have to rotate the image it self: press R (or even click-and-hold on the Hand Tool icon) to find the Rotate View Tool, which then lets you spin the picture across on screen without rotating the true image.

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