Fire up your Photoshop skills

Fire up your Photoshop skills and discover why it’s the go-to digital imaging software for photographers, designers, web professionals and video professionals. Understand the history behind graphics and design, and learn how to design graphics for web, video and print. Create a web banner, a flyer and an A4 poster from photos and graphics.


Learn how to add text to photos, work with layers, retouch photos using different methods, and use selection tools to copy and composite images. You’ll learn different methods of colour correction for different effects, how to manipulate colour grade to change the look and feel of photos, and how to create amazing special effects.

You’ll need to have basic computer skills on a PC or MAC as well as Adobe Photoshop software. A free, one-month trial can be downloaded from the Adobe site. You can also subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud – this gives you monthly access to the complete Creative Suite.

After completing the Photoshop online course, you will be able to:
Edit photographs like a professional.
Apply sizing, cropping, retouching, masks, layers and coloring to photographs.
Master Adobe Photoshop.
Apply post production processes of image enhancement to create great photos.
Indicate details about their digital cameras and digital imaging.
Practice skills in final touches- including sharpening, conversion to grayscale, and restoration techniques.
Summarize the basics of output and presentation of photos.
Develop a portfolio with his or her best work to showcase personal style and eye as a photographer.

Web photoshop online



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